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Why WorkFit
desk with treadmill
There are a lot of desk treadmills that are on the market today. That's because a lot of people and a lot of manufacturers have discovered the benefits of being able to workout effectively while still being able to continue their professional duties. Kids love having a desk treadmill around because they can workout and do their homework at the same time. Others love it because they can workout and watch their favorite shows and movies that are streaming over their computer or tablet devices. The Workfit desk with treadmill will improve your health and productivity.
But the question lingers… why should you purchase the EXERPEUTIC “WORKFIT” DESK STATION ELECTRIC TREADMILL than other desk treadmills?
WorkfitDesk for Treadmill
Quite simple, because no other desk treadmill combines quality with an amazing price like you get with the EXERPEUTIC “WORKFIT” DESK STATION ELECTRIC TREADMILL. Here are some examples you can compare with others.

desk for treadmill
desk with treadmill
  • Built-in Desktop, removable, angle adjustable, light weight, fold down
    for space saver and storage
  • 2’ x 4’ spacious Desktop work space with tablet stand
  • Support up to 400 Lbs. of user weight
  • 20” x 40” treadmill belt width, fitness
    club quality, safe and comfortable to walk
    or jog
  • Safety handlebars 2x longer than
    typical treadmills with Heart Rate
  • Easy to assemble, come in 2 boxes for lighter weight to carry
OthersDesk with Treadmill
Desk for Treadmill
  • Bulky, hard to put together
  • None in the market
  • Not at this price range
  • Not at this price range
  • Not at this price range
  • Usually heavy and hard to assemble
desk for treadmill The best part is your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason, you don’t like WorkFit, you can return it within 30 days. No questions asked.
desk with treadmill
So, let’s get the workout you want, get the work done, and feel happier, healthier, more energetic without having to drain your savings account to be able to do it. This desk treadmill really is the ticket to a better, healthier you.
- try it today to see what it can do for you too!

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